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Icelandic Basketball- Lele Hardy Dominating

27,5 points. # 1 in the league. 19,6 rebounds # 1 in the league. 4,5 steals # 1 in the league. 40,2 effeciency # 1 in the league.

Lele Hardy (182-G/F-88, college: Clemson) is in her third season in Iceland top league. First 2 years she played for Njardvik and did a great job. Winning everything with the Club as well as been selected MVP both years.
This year she is playing she is playing for Haukar. Hardy keeps on inproving her game by extra hard work on be the best she can. A true pro player.
Her stats so far in the league is amazing.

Why this dominant player is still playing in Iceland instead of in a bigger league. Probably she loves the Country

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Icelandic Basketball

Feb. 16: Valur  93-73   Keflavik
Feb. 16: Hamar  79-91   Snaefell
Feb. 16: Njardvik  74-67   KR
Feb. 16: Grindavik  70-83   Haukar
Next Round Schedule

Round 25 (Regular Season)

Keflavik  Feb. 26  Hamar
Grindavik  Feb. 26  Valur
Snaefell  Feb. 26  Njardvik
Haukar  Feb. 26  KR

 Lele Hardy – Feb 20, 2014

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